Every AntePAY card purchased online increases the chance of winning:

Win a brand new

Panasonic TV now!*

* By participating in the competition, you also accept the conditions of participation.

Buy your AntePAY Card(s) online by no later than April 09, 2020, and with a little luck bring home a Panasonic Smart TV worth 2,499 francs. The more cards you buy in the AntePAY webshop, the higher your chance of winning!

This is how it works:

Get your AntePAY Card!

Visit our Webshop right away and choose your desired design and amount! The AntePAY Card allows you to pay easily and anonymously – online as well as offline.

Increase your chances of winning

With every purchase of an AntePAY Card you increase your chances of winning! For every card purchased online, one ticket ends up in our lottery pot. This is how you can increase your chances of winning a brand new Panasonic TV!

The excitement is growing!

Are you the lucky winner? Once the period has expired, we will inform the new owner of the Panasonic TV by e-mail about the prize. Until then, you can convince yourself of AntePAY and pay securely, without providing any sensitive data.

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The Panasonic TX-55GZC 1505 OLED

With a little luck you will soon be holding a brand new Panasonic TV from Raisig Media – if you’re strong enough. With its 55 inches, the TX-55GZC is not a TV that can be placed in a small corner. Not only its size but also its capabilities tend to impress. With its razor-sharp picture in 4K Ultra HD, you’ll have the authentic home cinema feeling. Treat yourself to a breathtaking movie experience with the integrated soundbar, which makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of the action. Increase your chances of winning this fantastic prize worth CHF 2,499 and visit our shop now!

* By participating in the competition, you also accept the conditions of participation.

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Your advantages with AntePAY

Are you afraid of data misuse during the payment process? Not with AntePAY!

Bank and credit card details remain with you, so you can complete the entire payment process anonymously – online and offline!

You also have full access to the balance on your AntePAY card – with no hidden fees. Nothing stands in the way of your shopping experience anymore.

You can purchase your AntePAY Card online and offline (only AntePAY Cards purchased online count for the competition). Very user-friendly operation makes it possible to pay for purchases by entering only the card number and PIN.

We have a large selection of partner shops from all possible areas – and the number of our partner portals is constantly increasing.

See for yourself and purchase your AntePAY Card online today!

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