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Popular Questions

The AntePAY card is a non-rechargeable pre-paid card with PIN. You buy these physically or virtually and you can use the amount paid to buy products or services in web shops or in-store. As a financial intermediary, DSCNET AG is affiliated with the SRO.

Paying for a purchase with the AntePAY card is anonymous. You do not need to provide any personal information during the payment process, as is necessary with credit cards or other payment methods. To be able to make the payment, all you need is the card number and the corresponding PIN.

You can purchase an AntePAY card at a point of sale as usual using cash or cashless with a credit or debit card or other alternative payment methods. That depends on which payment methods the respective point of sale accepts.

The PIN is hidden on the back of the physical card. This area must be rubbed away. For virtual cards, the PIN is issued to you via your verified e-mail address or by SMS using your verified mobile number. The card can be used immediately. A payment must always be confirmed with the PIN.

No. You do not have to pay any fees. The full card value is available to you.

The card can be used on-line and in-store. Current acceptance points can be found on this website at «Find sales outlet/point of acceptance».

A new PIN or a new password cannot be requested. Losing the card is just like losing cash.

You can always check your card balance on-line at this website on «Check Balance» by entering the card number and the PIN. There you will also find a virtual receipt per transaction made. This document can be saved or downloaded.

No. The AntePAY card cannot be recharged and is no longer usable once the value of the card has been used up.

It is not possible to block the AntePAY card. Losing the card is just like losing cash.

The AntePAY card is only valid abroad where the trademark owner DSCnet AG has a corresponding license/authorization. The current acceptance points can be seen at

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